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Product Data Model 914 Piezo-Electric Controller


Single/Dual channel controllers deliver continuously variable 0 to +150 volts to the piezo-actuator of the Model 916 fiber stretcher. Piezo-actuators are large capacitive loads that require large current capability drivers. Power required 115 volts AC 1 amp. Controllers configured for use @ 220V AC are also available.
Signal input is 0 to 5 volts via BNC connector, output 0 to +150 volts is via Telco 4 conductor ribbon cable to a mating socket on the 916.
The 914 controller can also include 915 drivers eliminating the need for a +/-15V lab power supply.
Model 914-1 can be single channel with either a  915 or a 916 driver card.
Model 914-2 are dual channel with either two 915 or one 915 and one 916 driver cards.